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Marriage takes “three” 

Your journey has just begun as you become man and wife,
Love and honor each other for the rest of your life.
Keep God as your super glue in your marriage to be,
Remember to love each other and don’t always think about me me me,
Grow with each other and learn from each others mistakes,
Marriage is a gift from God, a wonderful union you both will make.
May you always hold each other within your heart,
And may God always protect you while you are apart!
Written by: Shannon Hiller


I met Shannon a few months ago.  In a short time,  we have become very good friends and Sisters in Christ.  She is very kind, compassionate,  and has a zest for life!  She writes beautiful poems that touches the soul.   It is my pleasure to share them with you. 




Angels Above 

Angels are called to heaven one by one from God above,
His promise to come and save us from a world that has forgotten to love.
Watch over our loved ones as we prepare a place for them to dwell,
Keep them safe and secure knowing they are chosen to avoid the hardships of hell.
Help them remember the joyful and funny times we have shared; let laughter fill their hearts,
Have them remember we are only gone from earth; for a short time we must part.
Give them strength to finish their task on this earth so vast and wide,
Help them to grow and teach the word of God and learn to abide.
Surround them with friends, family and strangers they will soon meet,
Remember to come to You in prayer and fall on their knees at Your feet.
These words are written from someone you know or you may never get to see,
These words are met for you to share with each other and hope they will comfort you deeply.
May God always keep you and protect you from harm and weary days,
May you always remember to take time to thank the Lord and bow your head and always pray.
Written By: Shannon Hiller