Customer Service

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Flower Information:

This website is helpful when choosing your flowers and keeping them fresh before you send them to me.  If the flower is med to large, you may send “1”.  If the flowers are tiny or small, please send at least two (2) or three (3)   Also if you can , please keep leaves intact.  For your convenience,  I will send you a mailer,  so you can send your flowers in this envelope.  If your flowers do not fit in the envelope , you have two options. First, you can just carefully take some petals off the flowers. Second, you can request another mailer from me.   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I will give you my phone number after you contact me through our contact form.

Locket Information:

Our lockets are made from glass , and if handled improperly  they could scratch or break.  Please handle your locket with care.  Do not get your locket wet or near any type of moisture, because the sealer might be affected.  Our glass lockets contain magnets.  They are not safe for people who have medical devices that are attracted to metal such as a pace maker. Precaution: Please do not attempt to open the lockets, because you may damage the interior and break the seal.


Estimated delivery time for orders is seven (7) business days from the time I receive your flowers.  If I anticipate a delay, I will contact you immediately. We will handle your flowers with care.  We will make every effort to ship your locket or pendant in a safe package.

Return Policy

All sales are Final due to the nature of this order. Howevever, if you are not totally satisfied with the finished product, I will gladly refund your money.  You must contact me within  seven (7) business days to receive a complete refund.