The Enemy Steals

Hello friends and family, 

 As promised I’m writing my April edition for this website.  I have been really busy.  I also have been learning and growing in many different ways.  God has connected me with some wonderful and powerful women.  So I am growing all of me.   I also have been broadcasting on Periscope and promoting more on Facebook.  

 Also my husband has been working for about three weeks.  He hasn’t worked since 2009.  He is working at a sewing company.  I ask you all to continue to keep Carl in your prayers.  He works full-time and has a long commute.  

 I am presently, a temporary one- on one aid and teacher’s aid in a school district.  I am so thankful for this opportunity, especially when I get a chance to work with special needs children.  In addition God brought another family in my life.  I have the pleasure of tutoring a very smart and kind girl who is in third grade.  I”m so happy that her grades have gone up and she is trying more.  Also the family many times will serve  me a small dinner while I’m there. God is so good. 

 My daughter, Christina, is doing well in her sophomore year of high school.  She right now is assisting the drama teacher with her next spring play, Shrek the Musical.  She actually helps with choreography, songs, etc.  I am so proud of her.  In addition, she really looks out for her friends and tries to give them good advice, especially in “matters of the heart”.  

 I am also so thankful we have been able to attend church again.  It is so nice to see my church family. 

 Last month I began to reflect on the scripture verse John 10:10


The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.


What does your mind think of when you hear the word “steal”.  Do you think of material things only?  I began to realize that the steal in this scripture can be meant for many things.   The first concept I like to discuss is sleep deprivation. I myself have had a lot of sleep stolen from me.  However, this is not just my sleep.  If we lack sleep it is a domino affect it effects our lives in so many ways.  If you do not get proper sleep on a consistent basis your mind will not be as sharp and some of your memory will be depleted.  Also not enough sleep will affect your body, you won’t have a lot of energy or stamina. Also it can affect your emotions; and you may be less patient and sometimes very irritable. I know for me, if I’m lacking sleep I usually am not very motivated and sometimes have a little annoying headaches.  With all this going on, my day is not very productive.  So now you can see how this “steal” can really hinder us from living a healthy, balanced, productive life.  

The second concept I like to discuss is “peace”.  If we are in a state of confusion, fear, worry, or doubt, or even worse yet, hopelessness.  If we are in these negative states, it may come through our speech and our actions.  These strongholds can not only affect us personally, but they also can affect our close relationships in our marriage and between our children.  It also can affect our coworkers.   So yes the enemy wants to rob our peace and steal our joy.   We also can lose our “peace” if we are frustrated because we were waiting on God but didn’t see a change in our circumstance.  We may let people’s actions affect us and hold grudges and or complain about them.  All of this is from our flesh, and it does begin to rob our peace and steal our joy.  

Finally, if we are in a difficult state with our finances, if we sink to poverty thinking, we again will have our hope stolen from us.  We will begin to live our lives so cautiously and very paranoid.  Is this how God intended us to live our lives?  He is our provider, not your bank account, or the government.   

The second part of that scripture mentions “kill’, and “destroy”.  How does the enemy accomplishes this?  I believe it is a process.  You experience one disappointment after another and you may experience rejection as well. This is how we let life (the views and opinions of the world), beat us down.  

Everything begins with a thought, in your mind.  If we dwell on a thought, it can be evident in our speech, and finally in our actions.  The enemy is constantly trying us trick us and deceive us. He is the father of lies and parades around like an angel of light.  He will try to cloud our minds so we will have great difficulty hearing from God.  This is how he begins to kill us, day by day.  He tries to whisper negative thoughts to us about ourselves, about our situation.  He wants to put fear in us.  He wants to destroy us and everything or everyone we love.   

I actually had a strong prayer of deliverance over me this past winter.  I was so shocked what happened to me.  I don’ t know if you ever witnessed a deliverance service, but no lie, I was growling!  The man who did the intercessory deliverance prayer was able to get the demonic voices to speak in English.  The main entity was called “evil” and he was there to “destroy” me.   

I thought I was set free, but shortly after I was listening to my previous deliverance in 2009 and the growls came back.  I rebuked them on my own.  Then the last time they showed their ugly selves was when I was in praise and worship.  I prayed strongly and got on my knees.  It has been two months and I haven’t had any more outbursts.  

I am truly growing closer to the Lord, and now I am speaking on Periscope.  I am excited for this season.  It is my desire to lead more and more people to the Lord and help them be set free as they surrender themselves to the Lord, as they let go of the past, as they truly know their identity in Jesus Christ.   

 I also know that God is your main source, but do not forget the company of other strong followers of Christ.   

I love the butterfly and the transformation.  I have been truly blessed in this season.  God has so much more for all of us.  Do not put any limits on God.  I also have been listening to a therapist, Julia Kristina, M.A. counselor on Periscope.  She is very compassionate and helps people truly live emotionally stable lives.   To me it is like a puzzle, and God is allowing me to make some wonderful connections. 

 I hope this article has encouraged you to guard your hearts and minds.  The devil is very sneaky and manipulating.  

 I leave you with this final scripture.  Philippians 4:7 

 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


 Until next time Enjoy the journey 

 In His love,

 Sister Carol Ann