We Shouldn’t Take ourselves too Seriously



Posted on July10, 2011 


Hello Everyone,

 I’m switching gears from my usual writing. I had received a ticket to go to my very first

women’s conference- Women of Faith that was held in Philadelphia, Pa this past weekend.

I must say, the Lord certainly had plans for me. I received the ticket the day before the conference.

It was truly a blessing!


I was truly engaged through the whole conference. I loved the music from the worship team.


All the speakers were very entertaining, but also they shared heartfelt stories about themselves.


They also shared important lessons they learned and gained insight from them as well as applying these lessons to the Word of God.


If you never attended a Women of Faith conference, I highly recommend it. I have a link on this blog on the right side of the screen as well.  http://www.womenoffaith.com/


This conference will touch any woman in one or more ways. Many lives have been changed from women who have attended this conference. One of those lives was mine.


All of these speakers were successful, some had been gifted in more than one area. I believe if you continue on the journey, and keep the joy of the Lord – there is nothing that God can’t accomplish through you!


Also I noticed that all the speakers were down to earth, relational and they all had a sense of humor.


I also realized, that myself, even though I had been through struggles in my life, needed to lighten up a bit.


As a matter of fact, the Lord has brought me to a church with women who are very comfortable with one another, have a sense of humor, and really love on each other.


And one final note, in the stadium, the Women of Faith even have a prayer room. I thought that was wonderful!


So, if you are taking life too seriously, I encourage you to relax a little, and enjoy life more.


I’m sure God even has a sense of humor. Another thing I like to stress is,  learn to accept yourself; however you can also find ways to stretch yourself with God’s help. Another thing is if something happened to you in the past, or maybe you did something that you wish you didn’t do- release this to the Lord, ask for forgiveness. Our Lord is merciful, and He will shower his grace upon you. Don’t let your past condemn you. Instead let God heal you!


Today, I found myself singing and praising the Lord. It was wonderful. Here are the words I was singing.



I say rejoice for all the Lord has done for me.

I say rejoice for his goodness.

I say rejoice for his faithfulness.

I rejoice.

I could never thank him enough

I could never praise him enough

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, Rejoice


I invite any comments, especially those who had the blessing of attending the Women of Faith Conference this year.


Until next time, Enjoy the journey.