My Testimony


Posted in 2010 

Background Information and my Testimony


I was born and raised in the United States.  I have been married to my husband, Carl, for twenty years now.  We also have a beautiful ten-year-old daughter, Christina. 

We all love and support each other. My husband, Carl is legally blind, and now he is collecting full-time disability.  He really is a big help to me, and I appreciate him very much.  He such a good listener and so eager to help Christina or me.

I have a North Carolina Credentials for Early Childhood, have taught in two preschools. I also have been a child caregiver in a few homes in my area.  Since the end of January, I have not been working.

  We have had many challenges in our lives, mainly financial.  Yes, even one time our marriage was on shaky ground and we were being attacked spiritually.  But God was and is always faithful, and I find hope and comfort reading His Word.  I have spent many moments reading, meditating, and praying scripture from the Book of Psalms and the Book of Proverbs.  God has sustained us, as well as strengthened us through every moment of our married life.

We are presently living in a rented duplex located in a small town in South Jersey. We moved from North Carolina back to our New Jersey (our hometown) two years ago.  We are right now in between churches, but before then I was actively involved in children’s programs with our former church- Sunday school, Wednesday night with my husband by my side, and my daughter and were helpers for the nursery ministry; we all love to sing in the choir as well. . . 

I was first raised as a Catholic.   After I married my husband, I converted to a Lutheran.  When we moved to North Carolina in 1996, we attended a Presbyterian church.  After a few years we had been invited to special events at a non-denominational church by my husband’s friend and coworker. 

In 2001 we joined a business, and the following year this business held a church service and my husband and me both accepted the invitation to invite Jesus in our heart and make him our Lord and Savior.   We eventually joined the church, that my husband and I were invited to by his coworker.   When my daughter was six years old I prayed with her to invite Jesus into her heart.   In 2006 all of us were baptized in front of our church. 


It was amazing experience, it completed our salvation.  For we are commanded to be baptized, Matthew 28:19, Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. 

Even though I was saved in 2002, many years before then, I felt something missing in my life.  When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I really wasn’t comfortable in the Catholic Church. 

 One time, after I had a broken engagement, my high school friend invited me to a non-denominational fellowship group called Single Purpose.  This was the first time I learned about having a true relationship with the Lord. Before than I didn’t know if I could reach God- I thought he was too big or too far away.  I believed him, but I didn’t “know” him.  This was a truly new and exciting revelation to me.  I started to thank God even for the little things in my life.  I saw God in the clouds and the grass, flowers,  and the animals.  I even found myself reading the bible. 

At first, I really enjoyed this group, we had fun, we went on outings, had movie nights and I went on two retreats.  I loved this group, because they accepted me for me.  My old finance was very controlling at the end of our relationship. 

One night one of my new boyfriends from the group, got out his bible and began to read about salvation, he asked me to pray with him.  He even gave me a bible.  Even though, I said a prayer, I was afraid that night in my bedroom.  I knew I wasn’t ready to invite Jesus in my life, yet.

After about a year and half I decided to leave this group.  I wanted a boyfriend and wanted to full in love.   I backslid a little.  However, when I was in my late 20’s, I was getting very frustrated trying to meet good and honest men. I was so desperate I was answering personals, and even put a personal in about myself.

The final attempt was I went on a cruise with my girlfriend, looking for Mr. Right, I didn’t find him.  I told my girlfriend I was going to leave it up to “fate”.  Shortly after that, I found an ad in the shopper’s guide that was entitled Christian Singles.  It was sponsored by a church in California.  I sent them a small donation and gave them my ad.  They printed it, and sent me a five-page bulletin of ads from all the men across the USA and Canada.

I had several men writing to me.  Some I dated, but they didn’t act like I thought a Christian should act. Finally, around December of that year a short note came.  This guy sounded really nice.  I loved to write, and I almost didn’t write back to him, because he wrote such a short note.  However, everything he said was positive.  So I decided to take a chance.  We talked on the phone, and finally made a date to meet one week after the Super Bowl.  Again, I almost bailed out again, because I saw what he looked like.  However, something made me walk in that diner.  I’m so glad I did!

The rest is history- we planned our wedding in November of the same year, engaged on New year’s and we were married September 1990.  I made a vow to myself I wanted to be married before I turned 30- I was married when I was 29. 

Carl and I moved to North Carolina, in 1996, we wanted a change, and I’m not proud of this, but we needed a break from our parents.  To us they seemed to be too controlling.   Well the only job I could get was at Hallmark Card shop, and I also drove Carl to the supermarket every day for work.  Thank God, this store was in the same plaza.  I mentioned this job, because one time at night, my manger looked at me and said something ” I feel something in your spirit”. As soon as I heard this, I said something like – “don’t say any more I am comfortable and happy in my faith.  Yes, Jesus was knocking on my heart again.  I wasn’t ready, again. 

Although, I was saved on January 2002, I really didn’t become on Fire for God until I went to a bible study at our church in 2004.  This spark had me speaking in more boldness, doing things I wouldn’t ordinarily do, and praising the Lord more, even writing songs about Him.  It was this time I really embraced the Holy Spirit that had been living inside of me the moment I was saved. 

Then I began to speak God’s promises over my life (I was taught many principles about this in the business) Carl and I were a part of till December 2004.  We even went into bankruptcy, but my faith in God kept us going. 

It is my promise and prayer that you will be able to obtain some wisdom and encouragement from my experiences. I also encourage you to read and interact on the various forums on this website.  I pray that through what is written here on this website together with God’s Holy Word, that you will increase your faith even more.  I want you to know that God loves you very much!  He wants the best for you.  He wants to spend time with you, He wants you to get to know him through his Word and through prayer, and He wants to hear your praise and thanks for all He has done for you.   Give thanks to God always and in all situations.  He accepts you as you are, cry out to him.  He will hear you.  If you take one (willing) step towards Him, he will run to you and welcome you with open arms. 

 For those of you who never invited Jesus into your life, I invite you to say a prayer.

God bless you all.