Just a Closer Walker with Thee




Posted on August 19, 2010


Hi Friends,

My relationship with God began to change when I was invited to a non-denominational fellowship group.

This is the best thing that could have happened to me. I had just gone through a painful separation with my fiance. I had lost a lot of my esteem towards the end of the relationship; I couldn’t even hold a job. My fiance became very controlling. We even broke up around Christmas.

I don’t remember when, but sometime the next year my high school friend invited me to this group. I decided to go. The first night I went I went to a prayer meeting in a building, not a church. The leader ( I don’t remember his title) began teaching about God and having a relationship with Him. I was totally blown away. The people were very friendly. They accepted me for who I was. We had food, fun, and film nights. Sometimes we went bowling. I even attended two retreats.

As I hung around this fellowship group I began to see God with different eyes. I began to thank Him for everything, even the little things that happened in my life.

I found myself, as I do today, just gazing up at the sky in the day time. Did you ever really look at the sky? I love it when the sky is blue and covered with several fluffy white clouds. Did you ever really look at a sunset? They are so beautiful ; I love all the colorful hues in it. I’m sure you guessed I love rainbows.

One day my daughter and I saw a double rainbow. We were looking out our front door and it appeared.

I said that God was telling us something wonderful was going to happen. Did you ever stop to look at the birds flying in the air? Did you ever look up in the sky especially in the winter and saw all the beautiful stars glistening against the dark sky. My grandmother used to have a summer home down Browns Mills, New Jersey. It was very rural around there and she didn’t have anything blocking her house. The view of the night sky was amazing! Did you ever really look at the ocean waves and listen to them as they crashed upon the shore? Have you ever gazed at a mountain? All these beautiful scenes remind me of God.

How Great is Our God!

Here is a wonderful scripture verse : Psalm 8:9

O Lord, our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth!

Until next time, Enjoy the journey.