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This is more than religion…

Our Heavenly Father is molding you, shaping you, into the perfect image of his only                                                                                            begotten son, Jesus. 


 Posted on  August 15, 2010

Dear Friends,

I have a question for you, ” Do you believe in God”? My pastor shared with us today many people do believe in God. However, let me ask you another question? Do you “know” God? This is an entirely different question.

I always believed in God. However, until my early 20’s I saw Him far away. He wasn’t in my reach. I said my Hail Mary’s and our Father’s but never more than that. Can anyone relate? I couldn’t see God in my life, only in the bigger events.

Well, I’m here to share with you and others reading this blog, there is much more to it than that. God is omnipotent (all powerful). He is omnipresent (everywhere) and He is omniscient (all knowing). He has many attributes, but also remember He is your creator and your Heavenly Father.

He wants to be in your life- not part of it but all of it. He has been calling you ever since you were born.

Unlike man, God will never leave you. God is always with you. You can talk to Him 24/7, you won’t receive a voice mail or busy signal.

But seriously, God wants to talk and walk with you. Have you been searching for something, but didn’t find it yet? Do you feel empty inside? You might have tried to fill it with people, activities, fame, fortune, drugs, alcohol, ….. You will never be complete, because this feeling you have or this void you have in your life, can only be filled by God.

Have you been struggling at your job, your relationships, your finances? Has this been happening over and over again? Not only does God want to talk with you, He wants to lead and guide you in your life. God can be everything to you- if you let him. Cry out to him, he will hear you. He knows your thoughts, he knows your desires- he knows everything about you. He knows you more than you know yourself!

I also encourage you to open up the Bible. There are many versions, I think the NIV is good, New Living Translation or even the Message Bible. You could visit a bookstore, ask someone, maybe look on line as well. Here is a link I found to let you compare different Bible versions, if you are new to reading the Bible why not look in the Book of Genesis for comparisons.

Until next time- Enjoy the journey