Beginning of my Blog



 Posted on Friday, August 13, 2010


This blog evolved from an episode of Ugly Betty. How many have seen this show? Well, apparently I wasn’t aware of this show and now they are showing reruns. This show does have some funny moments. Well, anyway to refresh your memory, Betty’s voice wasn’t being heard in her fashion magazine assignments at work. Her boyfriend encouraged her to write a blog.

Betty’s dream was to inspire one person. She interviewed people and eventually because of the popularity of her blog, she was able to help grow a needy community in Africa.

I, too, want to encourage and inspire people in the USA and around the world. I am also writing my first book, that is another reason I started this blog.

My book is very challenging. I am conducting research from the Bible, excerpts from my favorite ministers along with excerpts from several journals I have written seven years ago. I have only begun to write my book, but what I realize is as I live my life, new, exciting and amazing things are happening to me, my family and people I know all the time.

So I finally realized that I would never finish my first book unless I had a way to share these new stories with others. God is amazing and nothing happens by luck or coincidence. He is our creator and master of the universe.

I hope as you read my weekly blog, that you will draw closer to him. His word is true and He always keeps his promises. I also hope my blog will encourage you to see the “rainbow moments” in your life.