Perspective … How do you see yourself? (Part 1)




Perspective … How do you see yourself? (Part 1)  


This is the beginning of our series entitled:  A Study of Women of the Bible. 


Have you ever been so upset that you let your disappointments  bother  you to the point, that you seemed to lose your way or your purpose in life? Was your perspective and your mind suddenlly cloudy?  Did you feel like things that were happening now, didn’t make sense, and you weren’t the same person?  

You know, this wasn’t the picture  you envisioned for your life.

Was their a time in your life, when you thought you lost everything? Were you distraught and felt like giving up, living in a sea of misery? 


I’m sure we all have been in this dark place one time or another. I know I have.  In fact, I hate to admit it, but defeating  thoughts  like this came crashing in on me again this week.   Yes my perspective was very negative. 

In the Book of Ruth there are three primary Biblical figures, Naomi, Ruth, and Bohaz. Today, I would.  like us to focus on Naomi.

The name Naomi means “pleasant”. Naomi lived with her husband Elimelech and her two grown sons in the town of Bethlehem .

Their hometown was faced with a famine,  and so they moved to the country of Moab. Unfortunately, Naomi’s husband died and her sons married. Her sons, their wives, and her lived there for ten years. After that time both of her sons also died. It almost seem like Naomi was facing a famine herself-she lost her husband, her two sons, and was living in a strange land. After many years living in Moab, word came to her that the famine was over. She decided to take the journey back to Judah. She told her two daughter-in-laws, “Go back, each of you, to your mother’s home. May the Lord show kindness to you, as you have shown to your dead and to me. May the Lord grant that each of you will find rest in the home of another husband.” Ru. 1:8-9.

Ruth and Oprah said that they would return with her. However, Oprah changed her mind after Naomi painted a bleak picture of her life. Oprah left because she realized Naomi may never marry again.

Naomi expressed to her daughter-in-laws her misfortune , … “ the Lord’s hand has gone against me.” 1:13  Naomi was probably thinking her life was over. She was very disappointed and full of sadness. During this period, widows  were taken advantage of or ignored. Most of the time they were poverty stricken. God’s law provided that the nearest relative of the dead husband should care for the widow. Naomi wasn’t aware if any of her relatives were alive in Israel.

When Naomi arrived in Bethlehem , the people were shocked! Naomi told them not to call her by her original name which meant pleasant,”call me Mara”. The name Mara means bitter.

Ruth accompanied Naomi. She was willing to stay with her always. At this moment, Naomi could not imagine the life that they would have. She didn’t know that Ruth was truly a blessing to her. She didn’t know that God had an amazing plan for both of them.

To be continued…