Inspirational Our Heavenly Father is the Author and Illustrator of our Lives.

Welcome Friends,

I am so exciting to be launching this brand new website!  I would like to personally thank my dear Brother, friend, and prayer administrator, Robert for referring me to Wix.

My first blog will be a blog devoted to God and his sovereignty. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob , I Am, our creator  is the brilliant author and beautiful illustrator of our lives.  It is so important to humble ourselves and submit to him.  We can look at our lives as a tapestry or even a puzzle. Our Heavenly Father puts each day, each event into perfect place. Alleluia!  He loves us all so much.  He has wonderful plans for us.  As it states in Jeremiah 29:11, , For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then it further states, in verses 12 and 13, Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.   

Everyone of us has choices.  Our Heavenly Father does not take away our free will.   My teacher in my healing class pointed out that several times in the Bible, the Lord gave the Israelite a choice,  and depending on which choice they chose, they would receive a blessing or curse, or a bad outcome or a good outcome.   Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Our Lord still operates the same way he did thousands of years ago.

Today as I was posting to a brand new women’s social and networking website, I began to see how several of my goals and dreams for my business endeavors was finally falling into place!  Believe me this did not happen over night.  There was a process.   Just like if you look at the life of David or Joseph, they too had a process.  Joseph who was humble to God went from the pit, to prison, to the palace.  David went from being a shepherd boy, wrestling bears and lions, to a  soldier in Saul’s army, anointed king by Samuel, chased by Saul, and finally ruling the kingdom, and becoming a father to Solomon, the wisest man to live.

  I first had to go through some deep healing through Bible scripture, God’s leading and guidance, and also through the encouragement of beautiful Sisters I met online.

Now I have my blog posted on a Worship Cafe website.  I was contacted by a wonderful man and very talented musician, Ken Townsend. He contacted me through Twitter.   He also  invited me to his inspirational Facebook group where I met his beautiful and talented partner, Mary Phillips.

  Why was I on twitter?  I was on twitter because I decided to start watching broadcasters, mostly successful inspirational women.  Why did I sign up on Periscope in the first place?  I signed up on Periscope, because our Pastor encouraged us to sign on and pray with her during a national fast.

As time went on, I established some wonderful friendships.  I received much hope and encouragement, and after a few months I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and began creating my own broadcasts!  Also, in addition to being a blogger for several years; I plan to publish my first print book which was birthed in 2004.  I decided before I finish this book , I would write an E book.  My E book I hope to launch soon.

 I also met a wonderful girl at a church conference last year.  Little did I know that she would be such a blessing in my life!  During the lunch break, I met her and her friend outside.   I heard them talking about restaurants.  I intervened and shared some restaurants I knew that were in the area.   They shared with me that they were from upstate Pennsylvania.   When we returned back to the conference, the two women invited me to sit with them.  I talked to Lexi, the younger girl I had met for a long time, and found out we had things in common.  Before the conference was over, we exchanged information. I stayed in touch with her through Facebook.  She even graciously asked to look at my writing and edit it. Soon she will be sending over her contract.    To my surprise and delight, she offered to edit my work for free.  In return, I told her I will mention her name in the  credit section of my book.

Also I am a former professional crafter,  and a few months ago I had the desire to create.   I knew I couldn’t do it just for the money; this never works.  I had to have a reason, my “Why”,  my why had to be bigger than myself.  I searched within my heart, and I found the answer.  I would make an inspirational box like before, but the things inside would draw people to the Lord more and do this through their senses.  Also my E book is all about drawing closer to God in the busy society we live in.  The inspirational keepsake box and my E book are a beautiful marriage only orchestrated by God himself and me being his obedient vessel.    On a side note, the reason I began to craft again, was my desire was sparked.  I  also saw a very inspiring video.  This woman did so many wonderful things with decoupage, and she was so thorough in her instructions.  She invited me to her Facebook Groups, and again I formed more friendships and learned valuable information I could use when I created my decoupage gifts.

I am so in awe of my heavenly Father <3!   I can see my transformation and I can see his Favor on me and my family.  I am so thankful I have so many wonderful, talented, inspirational friends.

God loves all of us, and He can do the same thing for you!  We have to let go and let God be God.  We have to be open to all the possibilities He has for us.  We can not try to fit a puzzle piece in the wrong place; it won’t work.  What happens when a child can not find the right places to position the puzzle pieces?  Yes, he or she eventually becomes frustrated.

Let the peace of God rule in your hearts.  Let God help you rest in the process, and live moment to moment.  He will work it all out.  His design is the best!  His timing is perfect!

Until next time, enjoy the journey

Carol Ann Strang